About Volunteer Nepal

Michael Hess of Volunteer Nepal

Volunteer Nepal was formed in 2004 to better serve and enhance the relationship between the Nepalese people and volunteers who seek a heartfelt, profound, and life-changing experience.  The response, both heartening and encouraging, led us to develop placements across Nepal where these volunteers would experience the profound natural beauty of Nepal and its culture while uplifting the spirit and lifestyle of the villages they served.  We have found the experience to be life altering and affirming for both the volunteers and the Nepalese they serve, with many of the volunteers remaining close to our organization long after.

At Volunteer Nepal we are dedicated and well equipped to arrange for volunteers to be completely immersed in the culture by placement in the homes of village families where they share the daily life experiences of the average Nepalese family while working in the community in the capacity they have chosen. The volunteer will be rewarded by learning a lot about themselves as well as the lives of others in a developing country where language and religion, outlook and habits are all very different.  We accept approximately 100 volunteers each year, representing six of seven continents and a wide range of talents and ages. Most volunteers leave with their life’s compass pointing clearly to a new direction in their lives.

Nepal is beautiful, diverse and exotic and the people unforgettable. Your time here will be spent safely surrounded by a community grateful for your presence.

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