About the Program Fees

Volunteer Nepal - About the Program Fees

The fees that Volunteer Nepal charges are among the lowest in the country.  We have based them upon the length of your stay, encouraging longer and more meaningful stays.

We are not a business but an organization determined to make significant changes in Nepal.  We operate under the umbrella of Nepal Orphans Home, a 501©3 charity.

Your fees are used to cover the frequent and thorough communication with you prior to your arrival, meeting you at the airport, and bringing you home to our Volunteer House where Wi-Fi, home-cooked food, and the excellent company of our staff and volunteers from around the globe are found.

You are provided with a week’s worth of orientation which includes language and cultural lessons and daily trips to Heritage sites.

Once your placement is chosen, we send a staff member with you in order to acclimate you with your host family while in the presence of a familiar face. When you are ready to be left, the staff member will leave. We return to collect you after your stay has concluded. Your fees also help to support the organization where you volunteer as well as provide an income for the host families.

From the time of your arrival until our returning you to the airport all your meals and accommodations are covered and an experience awaits you that will be invaluable, both for you and for those you have come to serve.

If there exist any net monies left from your fees, they go to Nepal Orphans Home. In addition to their care for 130+ children, NOH is heavily involved in service to many communities and causes. Among them:

  1. Supporting the education of 17 village children (2016) to attend an English-medium school
  2. Sending 26 children to college in 2016 (44 in 2017)
  3. Working with terminally ill children with a nutritional program, fun, and last wish granting
  4. Supporting a small home for the blind
  5. Supporting a nutritional program for a whole school in a remote region as well as paying for teachers
  6. Building a new school for the same village to replace theirs after the earthquake
  7. Support for a Buddhist Monastery with teachers and helping to rebuild
  8. Emergency financial support for families in need as well as sustained support while they get back on their feet
  9. Offering a free education to over 250 local women five days a week at our Chelsea Center

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