Curry Without Worry

Curry Without Worry is a weekly service project that our volunteers help out with in addition to their placements.  Every Tuesday, the project feeds over 300 poor, homeless, and disabled people in Kathmandu's Durbar Square.  Any of our volunteers who are free are welcome to help out with chopping vegetables, making roti (flatbread), and serving the meal.  We join local Nepali volunteers as well as foreigners, and you have a wonderful sense of community and of people being brought together by their desire to help out.

The project has always been very close to our hearts, so the other week we decided to do something special - the Volunteer Nepal staff and volunteers teamed up to sponsor that week's meal!  Check out the photos below:

Some of our staff members took the day off from work and joined in the fun, along with volunteers who had already served at placements all over the country.

Curry Without Worry was originally founded in San Francisco, California to provide delicious and healthy meals to the homeless and open dialogue about cultures and inequality.  They have several branch projects, including our friends in Kathmandu.  They're  a wonderful organization, and well worth checking out.  Let us know if you would be interesting in sponsoring a meal yourself, either in California or Kathmandu!

We spent the afternoon chopping tons of tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, green beans, garlic, and ginger.  Some of our team stayed on until late in the evening to serve the entire meal to hundreds of hungry souls.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers and staff who participated, and who help out with this project every week!