I am Sangita

One of our volunteers, Grace, has been helping out as a volunteer teacher at a neighborhood school that provides classes for the children of street vendors and other impoverished students.

One of her students, Sangita, has what we believe to be a mild form of autism. The teachers and other students tend to ignore her, and refer to her as “abnormal” or “slow.” Sangita is nine years old, but is relegated to the back of a classroom of five and six year olds. She doesn’t have access to the level of care she needs, but her family can’t afford a better education for her.

On Friday, Grace did a project where she wrote a list of adjectives on the board and asked the children to create signs with words that described themselves.

Sangita worked slowly, painting with care, and with minimal help and guidance. These are the words she chose for herself:

“I am Sangita

I am Beautiful

I am Powerful”

Sangita, despite all of her challenges, doesn’t see herself as “slow” or “abnormal” or anything other than a beautiful girl with a world of potential before her.  And she is absolutely right.

Grace is planning on raising the funds to help place Sangita at SERC, a local school that provides quality care and education for special-needs children.  You can contact her to help out at gracedsenoglu@gmail.com