Provide Medical Assistance

Volunteer Nepal is an established presence in several hospitals in Kathmandu as well as several clinics in different regions across Nepal where the medicine practiced often reflects the culture of the placement. For instance, Tibetan medicine may be a hybrid with mountain medicine, the medicine in the jungle region will differ from that of the hill regions, etc.

Volunteer Nepal has attracted many doctors from general practitioners to surgeons to share their knowledge in local hospitals and we have established medical camps for them in remote regions.

We have hosted graduating and third year students of medical colleges with placements locally and setting up medical camps for them as well.

Many have come to serve who are contemplating a career in medicine, others who have completed one or two years of med school. Typically the extent of the hands on experience is left to the comfort level of the student under the watchful eye of the Nepalese doctor.

We also have placed scores of nurses coming individually or as a group from nursing schools.